Look Book: The gray wool suit

Behold, the gray suit. In wool, it is incredibly diverse, able to go from preppy to cool, casual to intellectual, all with the change of a few quick items. The following suits are in somewhat different shades and cuts, but each of the suits would work in every category.

The Trad: Repp tie, white or light blue shirt (preferably ocbd). Sweater and glasses optional.

Cool: In the tradition of Miles circa '60, black tie, white dress shirt. I'd probably do without the red socks here, and switch to black polished leather on the shoes.

Casual: Though trendy, Jack Purcells and a sweatshirt can dress down a suit. The only problem, where to wear this look?

Intellectual: Black turtleneck, or black button-down (un-buttoned, sans tie) can set one apart.

And 2 more ways to wear it.

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